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RMKit Guide for Kobo Devices

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A note from the author

This article was updated to account for the recent addition of FBInk to the framework. The addition of FBInk allows for many other kobo devices beyond the original three to be supported.

What is RMKit?

RMKit is an open source framework for developing applications for the Remarkable 1 & Remarkable 2 tablets. Support was added for Kobo devices in 2022. RMKit allows you to add additional apps to your eReader, and provides a way to launch them with remux, an application sort of like like KFMon.


Download and Installation

Opening Remux

Using Remux

An image of the remux menuRemux menu image

Adding Applications to Remux

Disabling Remux

A Final Note

As mentioned earlier, this under active development, so be prepared for bugs and unexpected behaviour. If you do run into unexpected behavour, feel free to report it on the RMKit Github issues page to help improve the project.

If you want more info, see the MobileRead thread.

Thanks for reading!